Welcome back to the Ex Nihilo podcast! We are thankful that you joined us again. On this episode we read submitted testimonies to lift and encourage the work of Dr. James White and Alpha and Omega Ministries. Please visit their website HERE. You can find everything you need from their website. We also welcome our dear friend from Lindale Texas, Pastor Tom Buck! Thank you so much for your time, sir! We aplogize for the sound quality on Pastor Buck's testimony, and do assure you that we found and corrected the issue. A deep heartfelt thank you to everyone who wrote in and submitted their testimony to encourage Dr. White and his ministry. We were blessed to do this, and hope that anyone who listens was equally as blessed. If you would like to contact us, you may visit our website HERE. If you would like to join our FB page, you may click HERE. 


OUTRO Song: "Because He Lives" 

No Copyright Infringement Intended 

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Be with you all,

Todd & Erin

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